Meet and Greet 2020

Extended until Sunday 6th December 2020

Location: Here!

Hello and a very warm welcome to Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue Virtual Meet and Greet 2020.


We don't think anyone needs reminding what a hard year 2020 has been and charities have been hit particularly hard, because most of their funding comes from events. Unfortunately the lockdowns haven't stopped the flow of dogs desperately needing our help and, if anything, has probably added to the problems with people abandoning hounds as personal financial situations worsen.   


We miss you all and this is the next best thing we can do to catch up with you all and your wonderful hounds (Erin and non-Erin hounds alike). 


Enjoy following the activities on our Facebook page, share photos of your beloved hounds, donate if you can and buy lots of the goodies on here which include:

Postage Costs:


The items for sale are situated in different parts of the UK. We've had to set different P & P costs to reflect weight, size etc.


The easiest thing is to encourage you to shop away happily regardless of where the stock is located and pay in full for the postage etc.


What we will do is refund you any excess postage paid when your items are dispatched. That's a Nellie (see below) promise: how can you not trust an angelic face like that!